In the predecessor project of SEMPRE Accelerators (SEMPRE, 2016-2019), several publications were developed, such as a handbook on user involvement in service design or a guidebook for empowerment training. These documents represent the knowledge foundation for our current activities in SEMPRE Accelerators. Some of the documents will be reworked until 2021 to reflect additional insights from our current project.Please find these publications below. Moreover, we compiled further downloads such as a project flyer and several reports and outputs of the predecessor project of SEMPRE Accelerators here.

"Empowerment - Making it Happen. A handbook on user involvement in social service design and delivery"

The Empowerment Handbook is made for staff of social service providers and everyone who works within social services. It presents empowerment tools that were tested in SEMPRE, examples of their application in the Baltic Sea Region and tips for success when involving users in social service design.

This publication (PDF) is available in Russian, English, Polish, Swedish, Latvian, Danish and German.

"Practicing User Involvement - An Organisational Roadmap For Social Service Providers"

The Organisational Roadmap is directed at the leadership level of social service providers. It informs them how to start and implement a process leading to more user involvement in organisational practice and social service delivery. There is a "pocket" version and a full-length version available.


"The SEMPRE Guidebook for Empowerment Training"

The SEMPRE partners have piloted training modules that are meant for building the empowerment capacity and knowledge of current and future social workers. The Guidebook compiles training material and lessons learnt in the pilot trainings and is based on the action learning method.

The SEMPRE Guidebook for Empowerment Training is available in English and Russian (PDF).


"Towards Innovative Social Service Provision in the Baltic Sea Region - Policy Recommendations"

Led by Nordregio, the Research Institute of the Nordic Council of Ministers, we compiled recommendations for policy and decision makers in the fields of social affairs, regional development and innovation. The recommendations aim at a reliable, affordable, and accessible service infrastucture in rural areas.

The Policy Recommendations (PDF) are available in English, Estonian, German, Latvian and Lithuanian.


Online Seminars

A series of online seminars helps our social start-ups to identify and work on shared challenges. Please find recordings and other materials of the seminars below. Throughout the project, new materials will be added.

SEMPRE Accelerators Online Seminar on Team Building and Leadership
SEMPRE Accelerators Online Seminar on Crowdfunding (also available as PDF)

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