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Who we are

The Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences (KarRC RAS) is a complex of seven research institutes with a common infrastructure which carry out basic and applied research intended to comprehensively study natural resources, solve economic, power- engineering, social, language, historical, cultural and other problems of Republic of Karelia and its adjacent territories. The seven institutes of the Centre are Institute of Biology; Water Problems of the North; Geology; Economics; Language, Literature and History; Forest Research Institute, Institute of Applied Mathematics Research, as well as the Department of Multidisciplinary Scientific Research. The Centre employs about 800 people including 393 researchers with 71 Doctors (DSc) and 228 Candidates (PhD) of Science. At the moment KarRC RAS is one of the leading scientific institutions in the North-West of Russia which carries out large-scale complex research which requires an interdisciplinary approach.

The premises of the Karelian Research Center
of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Petrosavodsk
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Why we are involved in SEMPRE Accelerators

The KarRC RAS SEMPRE Accelerators team is formed by staff members of the Department of Regional Institutional Development of the Institute of Economics and the Laboratory for Digital Technology in Regional Development of the Department of Multidisciplinary Scientific Research.

Activities within the SEMPRE Accelerators project are of great interest to us. Social services and their connection with socio-economic development, as well as issues of human capital are studied in KarRC RAS. We specialize in such areas as labour resources and employment assistance, social services for the handicapped, families with children, the state of rights of vulnerable groups. Research has been done on social services in rural areas of the Republic of Karelia and comparative studies with other countries, such as Finland, have been made. Demand for social services and social innovations are other focus areas of our studies.

Thus, our work is connected to not only research but also solving existing problems and helping local stakeholders to improve the socio-economic situation. Implementing international projects is one of the ways of our capacity development and helping to better reach out to social service providers and vulnerable groups.

Our activities in SEMPRE Accelerators

KarRC RAS is in charge of producing, popularizing and testing of SEMPRE instruments in Russia. In particular, we are responsible for arranging public seminars and training workshops in Karelia and Kaliningrad (along with associated partner Kaliningrad Region Economic Development Agency). We will assist social service providers with implementing SEMPRE project tools, monitor their feedback and share our results. Our team is also involved in revising of the SEMPRE Training Guidebook, Empowerment Handbook and producing recommendations for an inclusive entrepreneurship ecosystem.


Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Карельский научный центр Российской академии наук
Petrosavodsk, Russia

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