Sivans Hundtjänst

Location: Luleå, Sweden

Vulnerable group in focus: Men and women with mental disabilities

Coordination: Sunderby Folk High School, Catharina Ljungcrantz

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Social Start-Up Biography

On this page we want to document Sivans Hundtjänst and its development into an independent social start-up. To take you with us on this journey, we update this interview diary every other month. If you have further questions, feel free to contact the local coordinator (see above). If you want to learn more about certain terms you may encounter here (such as "micro project", "social start-up", "Accelerator Team" and the like) please check our "the ideas behind the project" section.

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Tell us about your Micro Project in three sentences

In our region, we aim at tackling employment and income challenges by transforming an already existing, but still rather informal dog care service (SIVANs dog service) into an integrated social enterprise. This approach particularly suitable for job training for men and women with mental disabilities. In addition to the creation of jobs and income, the social enterprise will furthermore offer job training for people facing difficulties entering the labour market.

Who are the persons behind the initiative?

Firstly, there are our members who actually carry out the dog care services, people that we want to support in terms of employment and income. In the past years, they already expanded their competence in dog care and developed knowledge in social entrepreneurship, which creates a good precondition for launching the social enterprise. Secondly, there are teachers from Sunderby Folk High School who meet the participants during the weeks for continued work and training and who jointly work towards the establishment of an actual social enterprise. Thirdly, the project includes representatives from the municipality of Luleå (the local employment services) and an expert in the start-up and operation of work-integrated social enterprises, facilitator and business developer (Coompanion).

What are your long-term goals?

While the idea has already been developed and basic steps have been implemented during the previous SEMPRE project, our primary goal is now to institutionalise our work structures and establish an independent social enterprise.


Which topics do you currently address in your micro project?

SIVANS has now submitted an application to start an association, meaning that we’ll have a legally recognized organisational form. This will allow us to conduct completely new dialogues with stakeholders, apply for bank accounts, insurances and the like, and we can move forward with building the entrerprise.

What were your recent challenges?

One of our recent difficulties was that we still do not have business premises for the social enterprise. At first it was challenging to move forward without a “real” location, yet eventually we started to think differently and find new ways to get revenue in the social startup, for example to walk dogs instead of starting a day care for dogs. Moreover, we had bureaucratic challenges related to the employment situation in our initiative. Difficulties emerged after a meeting with the employment office, and they soon developed their own dynamic in terms of pressure and insecurity in the group. It took us a while, but after all we were able to overcome the issue in a joint effort and developed an action plan that helps us solving the situation.

What are your short-term goals for the next months?

We recently had a workshop in which we identified and structured different fields we need to tackle. We mainly want to address the following matters: (1) The first goal refers to completing the process of getting a legal organisational form. (2) Secondly, we want to expand our support network, which is a very wide-ranging topic and includes, for example, mentoring for or individual members, but also to a more strategic perspective on support networks for the future enterprise. (3) Finally, our third goal refers to our future financial structure and setup. These are the main fields that we identified for our work in the next months, and for sure we’ll get back to them in more detail here in the micro project biography.

 APRIL 2020 

Tell us about your recent achievements at SIVANS!

In the past weeks, our focus was on budget issues, sales and the organisation's needs and its structure. We developed a budget and action plan proposal which should come into effect once the start-up has been officially launched as a social enterprise. We want to take this critical step in the next weeks, when the support of the Employment Service (which currently compensates our start-up members) is scheduled to end.
We also managed to increase the number of paying customers, which is a big step on the road to getting the “business part” of the company up and running. We worked with sales and made marketing efforts both via social media and targeted offers, for instance we distributed leaflets in several locations around the city.

All over Europe, we are now faced by the tremendous impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our daily lives. What is the impact on SIVANS?

Our social start-up suffers insofar as many people work from home or are out of work. In this situation, people don´t need the services of dog walking when not at work. As our start-up will very soon become an enterprise supposed to carry its own costs, our members must prioritise getting new customers and taking good care of the ones they have. We are also thinking about more services we could develop to get extra money. We increased our activities on social media and are marketing the business actively.

 JUNE 2020 

Summer is at our doorsteps; and even though the situation with the pandemic is still difficult, we want to look ahead: What are you currently working on, what are your plans for the next months?

We are very excited that in the meantime our social enterprise has been officially launched! We will now work on stabilising it. For instance, we started working on a new support system for SIVANS. Supported by the facilitator of our Accelerator Team, we initiated a cooperation with a project for social entrepreneurship that during this crisis can offer extra support for business development. For example, they support in terms of digital marketing, democratic organisation and board work.

During our first interview half a year ago, you told us about your vision: a financially and organisationally stable social enterprise that provides job and opportunities to people in disadvantaged groups. How far did you come on this path?

Despite the current difficulties, we were able to launch the enterprise. SIVANS now “stands on its own feet”, which is an important milestone. We are confident about our further progress, which will now focus on making our enterprise more stable. This includes support systems, as explained before, but also internal processes that we need to improve – such as the organisation of roles and responsibilities in the start-up, which is a challenge that still requires attention.

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