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Who we are

Sunderby Folk High School offers courses for adults from the age of 18. The school is owned by three organisations in the labor movement. As an organisation we are independent, meaning that we are free to shape our course activities on our own. The length of the courses varies from a few days up to several years. Long-term courses usually have a duration of one to three years; some of the courses qualify participants for university studies. We furthermore offer a special art course and have a special unit to handle different kinds of projects.
Sunderby Folk High School cooperates with the local society to help people finding jobs. Until today, five social enterprises have started with our help.

”Gammelgården” in Sunderby, Sweden
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Why we are involved in SEMPRE Accelerators

Since 1996, Sunderby Folk High School educates people in need of education and support to get a job. We know that everyone can contribute to the growth of the society under the right circumstances. We believe that if we allow everyone to work 100 percent of his/hers ability - be it one hour per week or 40 hours - it would make a difference. We hope in SEMPRE Accelerators can further promote our micro project and transform it into a stable and mature social enterprise.

What is your micro project in SEMPRE Accelerators?

In our region, we aim at tackling employment and income challenges by transforming an already existing, but still rather informal dog care service (SIVANs dog service) into an integrated social enterprise. This approach particularly suitable for job training for men and women with mental disabilities. In addition to the creation of jobs and income, the social enterprise will furthermore offer job training for people facing difficulties entering the labour market.

To learn more about the micro project and its path towards a social start-up, please follow the social start-up biography.


Sunderby Folk High School
Sunderby folkhögskola
Södra Sunderbyn, Sweden

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