Diaconal Centre Liepaja

Who we are

We are located in Liepaja, the third largest town of Latvia with 75.000 inhabitants, located right at the shore of the Baltic. The Diaconal centre is closely connected with the Evangelical Cross Congregation of Liepāja, Latvia. We offer our services both in the city and the region of Liepaja.

The primary aims of our organisation are as follows:
  • to offer socially disadvantaged people (especially people with disabilities) material, medical and spiritual help;
  • to strengthen the community and self-help efforts of the inhabitants and
  • to support diaconal activities in the Christian congregations of the Liepaja region.

An activity on accessibility in Liepaja
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Why we are involved in SEMPRE Accelerators

The project fits to our situation where many people, especially in rural areas, find it very difficult to overcome poverty and depression. We hope that the project will help us to support on a long-term basis the initiatives of our partners in the region of Liepaja, by strengthening the regional and international network and by developing a sustainable structure for mutual support, exchange of experience and strategic planning.

Our micro project in SEMPRE Accelerators

Here in Rucava (Latvia) throughout the past years, we - social service providers together with people with disabilities - have co-created a recipe brochure for people with low income that is distributed through EU food boxes. During this process, the participants developed new skills (both in terms of cooking and compiling the brochure) and developed a sense of group identity and belonging. Now, with SEMPRE Accelerators, we want to transfer this approach to other municipalities, provide training courses and form a stable organisational structure for the initiative.

To learn more about the micro project and its path towards a social start-up, please follow the social start-up biography. If you speak Latvian, you might also follow the local blog of the initiative at
Diaconal Centre Liepaja
Liepājas Diakonijas centrs
Liepāja, Latvia

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