Social Platform for Single Parents in Jurbarkas

Location: Jurbarkas, Lithuania

Vulnerable group in focus: Single Parents

Coordination: Lutheran Diaconia, Ingrida Karūnienė

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Micro Project Biography

In this section we would like to acquaint you with insights into our micro projects and their journey towards becoming an independent social start-up. The micro project biographies are updated every other month. If you have further questions, feel free to contact the local coordinator (see above).

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Tell us about your micro project in three sentences.

In “SEMPRE Accelerators for Service Co-Creation”, we prepare, plan and finally create an association for single parents. The core idea of our local initiative is to foster entrepreneurship of single parents, such as healing massages or beauty care businesses. While the infrastructure is provided by us – the Lutheran Diaconia – the single parents will develop their business ideas and manage their work schedules themselves.

Who are the persons behind the initiative?

The most important persons are of course the single parents, as they are the ones who actually run the social enterprises and fill the project with life. In the background, several local organisations with complementing functions contribute, such as Jurbarkas District Municipality, the local action group of Jurbarkas, a community family home as well as the local Diaconia (“Jurbarko Sandora”).

What are your long-term goals?

One of the first activities in Jurbarkas is to develop a formalised organisational setup for our endeavour. We will thus establish the association “Martyno Žąsys”. The aim of this association is to represent the interests of single parents and other social risk groups and to promote their entrepreneurship. In the second year, we hope to create two workplaces and to develop a website for small sales. In the short term, we are looking forward to our new premises: from May 2020 we will get new rooms at a multifunctional centre here in the town, these rooms will also be used by “our” single parents to realize their ideas.


Which topics do you currently address in your micro project?

We recently organised a training for our group members where we learned about team building and project management. The aim of the training was to build a team, recognize the capabilities of the team members and draw an activity-based process map which guides the establishment of a signle parent’s association and other planned activities (such as the creation of our website and facebook page, the search for potential products and services or administrative matters related to the new association).

What were your recent challenges?

One of our challenges was to find out what the abilities and strengths of the different team members are and how we can make the best use of these strengths. Since we are a larger group, it was at times difficult to match persons and roles in our startup in the most efficient way. To solve this issue, we organised a session in which we worked with a self-perception tool. Using the tool, we learned how team members see each other and how it corresponds to their self-perception. For example, we identified who is good at managing interpersonal relationships or who could best support the project as a rather practically-oriented “implementer” as well as other roles.

What are your short-term goals for the next months?

In the short term we plan to prepare all the necessary documents to formally establish our association and to notarize them. Moreover, we will continue working on our website which has not yet been finalized.

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