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COVID-19 aid: book gifts for children of single parents in Dithmarschen

Published: 2020-09-17
COVID-19 aid: book gifts for children of single parents in Dithmarschen

COVID-19 affects everyone's life. This also accounts for all the social start-ups of SEMPRE Accelerators as well as for the contexts they operate in. Against this background, our social start-up AllDi ("Alleinerziehende in Dithmarschen" – an initiative by and for single parents) just launched an aid action to counteract social challenges caused by COVID.

The "Ladies' Circle 82 Dithmarschen" (a local NGO) and the sponsoring circle of AllDi are making sure that children's eyes shine despite the pandemic, with the help of a donation from the Petersen-Rickers company.
The "Ladies' Circle 82 Dithmarschen" belongs to a worldwide organisation of service clubs, which is committed to social projects with its slogan "Friendship and Service". In Dithmarschen, twelve women are currently involved in projects aimed at kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions, as well as women and single parents.
It soon became clear that the donation would be used to buy books in local bookstores and provide them to children of single parents. For the practical implementation of this endeavour, the NGO contacted AllDi with their network among single parents. AllDi supports the networking and concerns of single parents in Dithmarschen and is one of the seven social start-ups of SEMPRE Accelerators.

After the children were asked for their personal book of wishes, the initiative swarmed out to the small and fine bookstores that Dithmarschen has to offer. No matter whether in Heide, Albersdorf, Meldorf, Brunsbüttel or Marne – in all these places, local bookstores were specifically supported. The books were handed over to the children in July, with the support of the social counselling service of the Diaconie of Dithmarschen.

Further information about AllDi is available on their website (in German language only) as well as in the social start-up biography here at the SEMPRE Accelerators website. The Ladies' Circle has its own website (in German language only).

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