Welcome to SEMPRE Accelerators

You may be familiar with the SEMPRE brand: from 2016 to 2019, we were jointly exploring innovative forms of social service delivery in rural areas, based on the idea of empowering service users. Now it is time to lift our project to the next level: SEMPRE becomes SEMPRE Accelerators.

The primary objective of our new project is to “accelerate” the most promising social initiatives co-created during the preceding project. Until 2021, SEMPRE Accelerators empowers providers and users of social services to co-develop their initiatives intp self-sustained social start-ups. To learn more about our project, these are the most important resources:

  • Our micro project biographies show the progress of our micro projects and their paths towards becoming social start-ups.
  • Basic concepts and principles of SEMPRE Accelerators are explained here.
  • Explore the latest news from the project and insights from other social innovation stakeholders on our Twitter Feed.

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SEMPRE Accelerators at the EU Rural Vision Week 2021

Published: 2021-03-25
The Rural Vision Week is a part of the EU Commission’s public consultation that feeds into the future Long Term Vision for Rural Areas. This new [...]